Our Plexus journey started with Rob literally BEGGING Jessica not to do Plexus!  "It won't work, they'll think we are crazy! We don't want to alienate all of our friends. You're an introvert—you'd be awful at one of those things!"  Good thing Jessica is stubborn and didn't listen. Rob was WAY off. Plexus has actually been the opposite of all those things. Plexus has been an answer to years of prayer. 

With most traditional businesses there is a very large start-up cost and yet most people see little return.  That was our previous experience. We had found ourselves in way over our heads with some past business debt and were swimming (actually we were drowning) just making the minimum payments.  Rob was working two jobs, traveling out of town for weeks at a time, and missing out on our little boy growing up. 


And then…up pops a picture on Facebook of our friend Tamara (a friend Jessica had met at a mom's bible study/fellowship group) getting her PLEXUS LEXUS after just 8 months.  WHAT?!  Wait, people are actually successful at these things?! I've never known anyone to reach the coveted "Free Lexus" rank of a company.  But then again that was before Plexus. 

We now have 25 people on our team who have achieved that rank and many more who will do exactly that in the near future.  To say this in an Opportunity of a Lifetime is an understatement! These products are for EVERYONE and the business model is SIMPLE. We are NOT salespeople we just share what we love and the hope it has brought into our lives.  Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would, even could, be making an income from home! Especially not one that provided this much FREEDOM! 

Now we have freedom from debt, from worry, and from punching a time clock. Perhaps best of all. We have options. We have options for our future!  It has been the most fulfilling career we have ever had.  We are both continual students of leadership. Plexus brings us the enjoyment of a relational ministry that revolves around helping those we love conquer fears, dream BIG, and give back in all areas of life. Basically we love the life God has blessed us with!  We love people!  We love Plexus! 







McKenna is an Emerald Ambassador from Searcy, Arkansas.  She has a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children with another on the way!  Plexus combines her love of helping others with her love for writing and story-telling. 


Brittani is an Emerald ambassador who lives in Searcy, Arkansas. She is a pre-school teacher and is happily married to her college sweetheart


Carissa is an Diamond Ambassador from Little Rock, AR. She is a stay-at-home mom to Elsa, Ava, and a new baby boy on the way this summer, and a wife to Chris, who is currently in medical school.   She loves cooking, nutrition, date nights, and of course Plexus - especially leading her awesome team of difference-makers!



Ryan Evans is a Sapphire Ambassardor who grew up in Dallas, Texas and now calls Searcy, Arkansas home. Ryan is the mother of two energetic boys. She would definitely say that the biggest blessing she has received since she joined Plexus, is seeing the positive change in the lives of her family and the people around her. This is especially true with her quickly growing team of superstars who love to share the awesome health and financial benefits of Plexus with everyone they can.


Cheryl  lives in Heber Springs, Arkansas. She has been married to Shane for almost 10 years. They have a 16 year old son Curtis and lots of fur babies! CPA by day for last 21 years. She loves to spend time in the gym, on lake, fishing on the river and with her boys & fur babies. Cheryl took control of her health 12 years ago with alternative & holistic approaches. Plexus is a platform she can use to share these approaches with others.


Cari is an Emerald Ambassador in Springfield, Illinois. She and her husband have two sweet kiddos. Cari is a fourth grade teacher who has been involved with Plexus since 2014.



Sunnie Rogers is an Sapphire Ambassador who grew up in a tiny town in Northern Arkansas. She now calls Central Arkansas home. She is a licensed social worker who recently left behind her full time job to have more time to spread hope and light through her Plexus business. She loves having the time to building a strong and purposeful team! She will also be teaching at Harding University part time to still give her the freedom to do her favorite thing... travel!!


Megan is a Diamond Ambassador who lives in Oakland, IL, a small farming community in East Central Illinois.  She has been married to Justin for nearly 12 years, and they have 5 children, with baby #6 due in August.  Homeschooling, gardening, nutrition, cooking and natural healing are her passions.  Plexus is a perfect fit to Megan's lifestyle, as it combines helping others along with health and wellness!



Abbey is a 22 year old small town girl who loves big adventures! She was promoted to the rank of Diamond Ambassador in August of 2017 as the youngest diamond in Plexus.  She has worked hard to build an amazing team, and her life is forever changed... She went from being a single mom who could barely pay her bills to being able to work from home full time with a 6 figure income.


Sally Lewis.jpg


Sally is an Emerald Ambassador from Grayson, Georgia. Her and her husband, Brandon, lead worship and work their Plexus business together. They have two beautiful children, Skylar and Jaxon. Plexus was an answer to prayer after coming off the international mission field for 2.5 years in both their health and financial provision. Their business is an extension of their ministry, helping others feel their best and live their best to further the kingdom.

Kim Rankin.jpg


Kim comes to Plexus with years of experience as an RN.   She started her wellness journey to address decades of health struggles that included multiple daily medications, lab tests, scans and specialists.  Kim was able to retire from nursing thanks to Plexus and nowalong with her attorney husband Dan, work together at home to help thousands experience what they have with Plexus.  As their Plexus blessings grow, the Rankin’s will be opening up a home for grieving families, a place for people, struggling with tragedy, to find their joy, strength and happiness again. Kim is an Emerald Ambassador.

Beth Light.jpg


Beth is an Emerald Ambassador who lives in Searcy, Arkansas with her husband and two children. She is a licensed social worker and therapist who works for a non-profit child advocacy center alongside building an amazing team with Plexus. Beth loves being able to help others achieve their goals in life and health and Plexus is a perfect fit!

Debra Krogull.jpg


Debra is an Emerald Ambassador. She has been married to her wonderful husband Doug for 30 years. They have 4 beautiful children, Shannon, Brittani, Blake, and Logan. They also have 3 grandsons, Noah, Corban, Levi, and a new granddaughter Ella.  Debra has been so very blessed and I loves being able to bless others. 

Lauren McCoy.jpg


Lauren McCoy is an Emerald Ambassador who grew up in Ohio and Alabama. She is a former special education and third grade teacher who is able to stay home with her son, Sawyer, thanks to the Plexus opportunity. Her family currently lives in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where her husband Eric is a teacher and coach. Lauren is a Christ follower who is passionate about leadership.

Justin Goff.jpg


Justin is an Emerald Ambassador that lives in Oakland, Illinois.   In September of 2016 I left my Project Superintendent position in the road construction industry to come home and help homeschool our 6 children and work Plexus full time with my wife of 12 years, Megan Goff.  I am a veteran.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping, running, biking, swimming, personal finance and Plexus. 

Jana Barnes.jpg


Jana Barnes is an Emerald Ambassador who lives in southwest Missouri. She has been married to Tyler for 10 years, is a former teacher and currently stays at home with her two rowdy boys. Plexus has been an unexpected blessing in so many ways--from helping her family and others experience health & financial freedom, to the free trips, to becoming the best version of herself, to being able to work with the most amazing people in the world. This opportunity is incredible!

Lorelli Demi.jpg


Lorelli Deml is an Emerald Ambassador from Maumelle, Arkansas. This crunchy momma of 4 grew up with a mother that researched natural health remedies.  Lorelli’s little sister was diagnosed with severe juvenile arthritis at age 5. Traditional medicine wasn’t working.  Good supplements and alternative medicine were vital keys for a healthy prognosis.  Lorelli loves recruiting, developing, and leading a winning team. This former successful business manager has a real knack for spotting your unique and sometimes hidden natural assets.  She can draw them out, and teach you how to use them.

Jenna Valentin.jpg


Jenna is an Emerald Ambassador that lives in Searcy, AR. Four things have had profound impact on my life and shaping her into the person she is today: Jesus, Marriage, Motherhood and Plexus. Jenna is married to Easton and mother to two little girls. She is passionate about mentorship and helping others. She is absolutely in love with the life Plexus has allowed her family to live: travel, debt freedom, and future adoption. It truly is the gift that keeps giving.